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We have had so many mixed reports since we started the Ebay Auctions home business kits that we decided to have Doug and Steph try them out for us.

Here are the results:

Do you know that every second over $1,500.00 changes hands on eBay? That number seems hard to believe, but it is true!

Doug made $6,800.00 in a month, Steph made an amazing $13,700.00. Doug says "My success in large part is because of the eBay2riches™". We questioned Doug on this because we had purchased all 3 of the success kits for both he and Steph. Doug said "that while all 3 kits were helpful he got the most benefit out of the eBay2riches™." Steph said "I feel that all 3 kits had really strong points that were not covered in each of the kits separately." And "There are these little pearls of wisdom in each of the kits that are absolutely priceless" on further questioning Steph said "While I didn’t pay the money out of my pocket for the kits, I am totally blown away by the fact that an initial investment of a little more than $100.00 would create the opportunity to make more than $13,000.00 in a single month of effort."

When we asked Doug what he thought was most important to his success this was his reply. "Well, the kits showed me how to get started and where to go to get good deals on things to resell, but like anything else that gives a good return I had to really work at it."

Doug further stated, "I didn't sit around waiting for this money to come rolling in. I worked at least several hours every day on it. I had to make sure that I was doing all that I could to get my business up and running."

When we asked Steph what she thought was most important to her success this was her reply. " I definitely feel that reading and using all of the materials provided by all of the kits makes all of the difference in the results." And "I wouldn’t have a clue how to go about a business like this without the excellent guidance and advice they offer."

Steph offered this comment when asked how she had made so much more than Doug. "Doug has a full time job and was only able to put a few hours a day into his business, while I only work part time and I invested a minimum of 6 hours a day, (every day), into my business" "That adage about the more you put in the more you take out really proved to be true in this case."

Doug gives this advice: "Buy the eBay2riches™, it made all the difference in the world in getting a fast successful start." And most importantly "If you aren't willing to put the effort into your business you shouldn't even bother trying, you get from your business exactly what you put into it, lots of effort translates into lots of return, a little effort well barely pay back your startup costs."

As an aside Doug said " You know, It’s so much fun getting paid good money to do something that is really fun to do." (We let Doug and Steph keep what they earned from this experiment.)

Ok we have to protect ourselves here a bit. Please understand that Doug and Stephs results are unique to them. While we feel Doug and Steph exemplify the normal person on the street, your results will be different. Your results may be better or worse than Doug’s or Steph’s results. We are just reporting to you what happened with our test cases. We would like to hear that some of you have done much better than either Doug or Steph. Please let us know how you have done. Then if you will allow us, we will interview you and add you to our eBay Success Stories for all to see.

As an added incentive, we have asked the suppliers of these kits to continue the practice of allowing our customers the right to get the materials they promote for a tryout period for only the cost of shipping. You heard me right. You can try any of these packages for free, you just pay the small shipping and handling charge. We can not keep them from going back to charging so you have only till MidNight, .


The eBay2riches is packed full of tools that will help you get started on your road to success. Over $121 million dollars is earned on eBay every day. This is the quick start kit that will show you how you can get your own eBay business up and running. It has an instant eBay Submission Tool($495 value for Free). This process will help you to get your own business up and running.

Imagine you can run your own business and you don't have to keep track of inventory or stock any products. You will have free 14 day access to Doba and their 150,000 name brand products to sell on eBay. The better you are at selling the better you will do.

Cost: Your Price $29.95

Get it free before:



Auction Success Kit!

This is hot. The BidFuel Auction Success Kit is a well organized system that allows you to jump into the eBay Auction world and start making money as quickly as possible. They have How To's that include Getting Started, Get the highest bids & Maximize profits, and how to avoid non-paying bidders. These are just a few of the secrets that BidFuel will show you, to help make your business successful.

Not only will they show you how to be a success on eBay they will show you where to find the best products to sell and alternative auctions to help move more product quickly.

Cost: $49.95 per kit.

Free offer ends:


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The Gang at Top Site Reviews says

"Hello all, these are our readers top choices"

Police Auctions.com.™


Police Auctions.com has a huge directory of literally thousands of government auctions, organized by state so you can easily find the closest auctions to where you are. This impressive directory would be reason enough to recommend PoliceAuctions.com, but they don't stop there. They have thousands of foreclosure properties listed, organized by the various banks holding the foreclosure auctions, as well as huge sections on Fire Auctions, Seized Boat Auctions, IRS Real Estate Auctions, A gigantic section on non-government auctions, County Tax auctions... there's a whole lot more, but see for yourself, because the best thing about PoliceAuctions.com is that you can join for FREE. While the service is extremely limited if you join for FREE, you do get a chance to look around and check the site out without investing any of your money. Our entire staff joined, we all opted for the yearly membership of $39.95 because of the huge savings this represents, and you get 100% of all the services this site offers.

We recommend that you join for the $7.95 for the first month so that you get all of the services. We feel you will be just like us, you’ll want to stay a member of this site for a long time, so after evaluating the site for the first month be sure to join for the yearly $39.95 it represents a savings of about 58% over the monthly fee. What a terrific site!

While PoliceAuctions.com may be a little overwhelming (the sheer amount of useful information might be confusing to newcomers) they have excellent customer support available, and a full-time staff of people on hand to help you with any concerns or questions you might have. With a rigorous privacy policy and a ton of great content on car & property auctions in your area, plus the fact that in joining free there is absolutely no risk, PoliceAuctions.com is one of the best auction sites on the web.

Highly Recommended.

Click Here to Visit Police Auctions.com ™ Cost: FREE to Join (Or $7.95 / Month) (Or $39.95 / Year)

Survey Strategy™

Inbox Dollars

Paid eSurvey™

Survey Strategy

Survey Strategy is one of the best of the few paid survey sites that are free to join. For a limited time, as advertised on their sign up page, new members get access to an immediate $20 paid survey for all demographics. Signing up is 100% free and they have an excellent privacy policy. Most of their surveys pay between $5 and $20 per survey, and while they are a small company, most users will take at least 6 - 10 surveys/month.

Cost: Free to Join

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Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a market research site that offers mystery shopping jobs, paid email (they pay you to read email they send to you) and also paid surveys (up to $10 for each survey). So they aren't just a paid survey site, strictly speaking (but we still felt they merited inclusion here). They also pay $5.00 to all new registrants just for joining their service (another reason we have no hesitation recommending their service - they pay you just for joining, before you ever do your first paid survey for them or read any paid email... not bad)

Cost: Free to Join

Paid Surveys, Mystery Shopping Jobs, Paid Email

Click Here to Visit Inbox Dollars ™

Paid eSurvey

Free to join, Paid eSurvey is seeking all demographics for paid surveys. You earn cash for every survey you take, and the signup page is fast and easy. Again, Paid eSurvey is another fairly small paid survey company, you won't receive more than 3 - 6 paid surveys per month, but they are legitimate, and you will be paid for the surveys you take.

Cost: Free To Join

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