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From the desk of Scott Welch......

Paid for Taking Online Surveys?

.....These days almost anyone can create a so-called "paid surveys" web site in a matter of a few hours. And most only have one intent - making you pay to become a member of their web site just so they can supposedly tell you where to go on the internet to find surveys that actually pay. But all they actually do is provide you with a list of useless links to companies that no longer exist, or more companies that want you to pay more money to join their web site as well!

Most of these web sites will charge you a $30-$100 fee for access to their directory of "high-paying" survey sources. But in reality, 99% of these web sites offer you nothing more than the following:

  • Outdated directories & resources with non-working links, phone numbers, & email addresses.

  • No customer service or help available.

  • No refunds if you are unsatisfied - Most of these fly-by-night paid survey web sites won't even respond to your refund requests, and once their web site gets shut down due to complaints, they start another one under a different name.

  • Poorly designed sites with confusing navigation systems and information, and non-working pages.

As a watchdog for work at home scams, we have thoroughly reviewed hundreds of paid survey web sites, talking to their owners, reviewing their member's areas, and speaking to many of their clients & workers. Based on our research, as of July 2005, we only recommend 4 paid survey web sites out of the hundreds we've looked at, as they are the only ones that have met our stringent standards to be sources for daily work. These companies all require a one time fee of $30-$60, and they charge this fee because they actually have dedicated representatives to help you find work on a daily basis.

Each of the sites we recommend below offer a, 100% money-back guarantee for up to 45 days. And we have verified that these companies live up to this guarantee.

After joining any of the sites below, you can expect to receive up to 25 daily offers to take surveys that pay $15-$25 each. Every now and then you will also receive surveys to take that pay up to $75. These that pay so well usually take up to a half hour to complete. Not bad for $75 bucks. The others typically take 5-15 minutes.

So go ahead and check out our recommendations below, and see which one you feel suits you best. You will need to dedicate 3-4 hours daily for this kind of work if you want to make $300+/day. If you want to earn more or less, its all up to you, and how much you want to work.

Also, due to popular demand from our readers, we have recently added a section reviewing some of the paid survey sites that are free to join (no membership fees), which you will find under the Free-to-Join Paid Survey and Mystery Shopping Sites category at the bottom of this page. Most of the free-to-join paid survey sites out there are simply scams that offer no real paid surveys; instead they wish to collect your email address so that they can deluge your email with spam. However, there are actually a few legitimate paid survey sites that are free to join, so we decided to add our recommendations & reviews for them here as well. Be aware however that it is not reasonable to expect to make anything close to a full-time income from these smaller sites. They can typically supply 3 - 5 paid surveys per month, that usually pay $5 - $10 each. However, as it is extra money, we still recommend you join them, as they are free and there is no risk. Just be aware that they are not a substitute for the much larger professional membership sites we review below.

Best Regards,

- Scott Welch

Our Recommendations:

*Updated as of
1) Survey Absolute

Click Here to Join Survey

Click Here to Visit Survey


Survey Absolute is without question the best paid survey membership site on the internet today. It boasts the largest database of paid survey companies and they guarantee it with an offer to pay $10.00 to anyone who reports a paid survey company to them that they do not already have listed - that's how serious they are about maintaining the largest and most comprehensive database. Survey Absolute offers its new members over $280.00 worth paid survey sites that they can earn on the very first day they sign up. Since the membership costs only $49.97 ... well you do the math on why we feel Survey Absolute is the best paid survey site on the net.

Their database contains more market research companies than any other paid survey site online - those who join Survey Absolute will not need to join any other paid survey site. Survey Absolute offers a 45 day, money-back guarantee. Easily our top choice.



$49.97 to Join

Money Back Guarantee

New Members can earn over $280.00 on the first day

Paid Surveys Etc.®

Click Here to Visit Paid Surveys Etc.®


Paid Surveys Etc. is organized and fast, with an easy way to get into the paid survey job market. They offer great opportunity and have an excellent customer service record. If you are thinking that you might want a future as a paid online survey taker then Paid Surveys Etc. is the perfect place to start.

Excellent customer service and site navigation.
Offers a 56 day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee.



$34.95 to Join

Money Back Guarantee

The Gang at Top Site Reviews says

"Our top choice"

Free-to-Join Paid Survey & Mystery Shopping Sites
Warning: The following sites are free to join, and are legitimate. Be aware though that they are much smaller than the professional membership sites reviewed above, and it is not reasonable to expect to make a full-time income from the jobs they will send you. For any free-to-join paid survey site that is legitimate, for example, it is likely you will only receive 3 - 5 paid surveys a month, most of which will pay around $5 each. Obviously, registering with these sites is not a substitute for registering with the professional sites reviewed above. Despite this we still strongly recommend registering for the free-to-join sites - they are free to join so there is no risk, and the extra income they can provide is still extra income, so why not?

Inbox Dollars®

Click Here to Visit Inbox Dollars®


Inbox Dollars is a market research site that offers mystery shopping jobs, paid email (they pay you to read email they send to you) and also paid surveys (up to $10 for each survey). So they aren't just a paid survey site, strictly speaking (but we still felt they merited inclusion here). They also pay $5.00 to all new registrants just for joining their service (another reason we have no hesitation recommending their service - they pay you just for joining, before you ever do your first paid survey for them or read any paid email... not bad)



Free to Join

Paid Surveys, Mystery Shopping Jobs, Paid Email

Survey Strategy®

Click Here to Visit Survey Strategy®


Survey Strategy is one of the best of the few paid survey sites that are free to join. For a limited time, as advertised on their sign up page, new members get access to an immediate $20 paid survey for all demographics. Signing up is 100% free and they have an excellent privacy policy. Most of their surveys pay between $5 and $20 per survey, and while they are a small company, most users will take at least 6 - 10 surveys/month..



Free to Join


Survey Club®

Click Here to Visit Survey Club®


Survey club is one of the founding free online survey sites that has the tools to help you learn the business. Their site includes a Paid Surveys "Intro" guide that takes you through the steps of filing out paid surveys online. You will gain access to their top 10 paid survey sites. They have a privacy policy to protect your information.



Free to Join

Paid Surveys

Opinion Outpost®

Click Here to Visit Opinion Outpost®


Opinon Outpost is seeking all demographics for paid surveys. For every survey you take you earn, and the signup page is quick and simple. Remember that Opinion Outpost is another fairly small paid survey company, you won't receive more than 3 - 6 paid surveys per month, but they are legitimate, and you will be paid for the surveys you take.



Free To Join

Money Back Guarantee
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*Please email us at with your recommendations and reviews of these web sites, as well as any other great sites you find. We'd love to share that information on our web site, so that we can help everyone make informed decisions.

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